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My name is Barbara A. Cromwell.

Barbara A. CromwellI'm a sensitive and an empath and have spent years
studying shamanism, the angelic realm and psychic
development. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master and
a direct medium for angelic communication and I
present my gifts to my clients with both honesty
and integrity.

My abilities surfaced at the age of 5 and were
supported by my mother though I was discouraged
from discussing the messages I was receiving or
the voices – that's not something a young catholic
girl typically discusses. While others might have
labeled it as taboo, I knew better and I could tell
the difference between normal sounds and the voices
that I was hearing.

At the age of 7, an infection damaged my hearing but thankfully my gift had me hearing with my heart and my mind– not my ears. My other senses began to compensate for a loss in hearing and as I grew in age my own abilities also grew exponentially.

The growth included such things as my ability to see shadows of spirit guides, to witness the colorful dust and resonance of angel guides, to pick up on psychic impressions and ultimately I became more open to the messages that angels were sharing.

It wasn't until the later part of my adult life that the angelic activity increased dramatically around me. I pursued my studies to understand what it was that I was tuning into. The more I studied the more I was open to who was speaking to me. I have since come to realize that the angels around us are always affirming that God is love. He has given us everything so that we can be peaceful, happy and prosperous.

The angel guides that speak and work within our lives are a means of reminding us of that simple thing: We can be happy and prosperous. By communicating with our angels we open up to this reminder and to their guidance. My own abilities as a clairvoyant and clairsentient have helped me to become a channel through which you can connect with your own angel guides. I embrace my gifts to help others overcome their daily battles, to find peace and to openly accept the messages their angels bring to them.

I hope that you and I can connect so that I can bring the same peace and clarity to you from your angel guides.

With Angels Blessings,
Barbara Cromwell


Online Angel Readings are done through AOL, Gmail and Yahoo messengers. After payment is made an email will be sent with some open slots for their scheduled appointment to choose and additional instructions. One question will be sent through email within 48 hours.


Contact Me Today to Discover How You Can Open Yourself to the Messages of Your Angel Guide. You can email me at or use the Contact form to the right.


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