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What is an Angel Reading?
An Angel Reading is a way to connect with and communicate with the angels that surround you on a regular basis. During an angel reading, your angel guides or spirit guides will attempt to respond to questions or concerns, may deliver messages of their own that they feel are important, or they may pass along information for loved ones that have passed.

Who are the Angels involved in the reading?
We all have different angels that are very personal to us. They exist all around us and act as our personal angel or spirit guides in our day to day lives. An angel reading can often reveal who your angels are and how many you have. It's not uncommon for many of us to have three or more angels that exist within our lives to influence and guide us on a regular basis.

Going Beyond Religion with Angel Readings:
There is no religious stance required for angel readings to take place, or for you to experience your angels. Angel readings are for every individual; you don't need to be religious to receive the benefits or the messages that your angels have to offer.

How Angel Readings are Performed:
Angel readings typically work better in person because it increases the connection of our energies due to our proximity. If an in-person session in the area of Lansing, MI is not possible then your angel reading can also be done via other means online..


To schedule
In-Person Angel Readings

call Coyote Wisdom at 517-323-1707
or visit

To schedule
Long Distance Angel Readings

please contact Barbara Cromwell

Angel Readings

Online Angel Readings are done through AOL,
Gmail and Yahoo messengers. After payment
is made, an email will be sent with some open
slots for their scheduled appointment to choose
and additional instructions. One question will be
sent through email within 48 hours.

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