My Box of Crayons

There was a point this week that I was still feeling the hurt and the disappointments that suddenly I was creating with my art pad and uploading them like crazy to my cafespress like a maniac! I found myself high on life with such excitement and walking around with a smile on my face!

It is very hard to work through painful hurts and you do feel lost as if there isn’t really a cure that will ever help pull you out of it. Well, as usual angels are always telling me and my loud mouth inner child as well that you can’t be happy unless you pick up a box of crayons. I know what happens when you pick up a box of crayon, you start coloring and start feeling happy. I couldn’t even get myself to open that box! I was denying myself some happiness!

I had to think real hard what the turning point that made this wonderful change was. It was something that led to the box of crayons. My inner child pulled my arm down and asked me, “what was so great about playing house when you were little?”. I loved playing house with anything available to create that sacred little space called home. I would imagine a blue colored sofa, pretty curtains, and colorful dishes on a table. I loved the outcome of my creativity. My inner child smiled and asked me to color her a pretty Flower of Life mandala.

Quickly I pulled out my art pad on the computer (my box of crayons!) and started right away to see the outcome. It brought a big smile to my face. I quickly uploaded it to my store and went right to work creating more sacred geometries to use as crystal grids or for personal use.

I am still dealing with my hurts and it doesn’t overwhelm me as much. I am grateful for my inner child that is so persistent with me and that I actually took the time to listen! My angels think we have a strange relationship but they are always laughing and so grateful when things turn out so well for us.

The angels are wonderful at comforting but it is always the inner child that is talking to you to make some sense! No what I mean??

Creative explorations create more big vibrational awesomeness from you as you truly already are. Find something pleasing for yourself to do and you’ll come back with more clarity. Like what a great walk would do for you! Yep, I am taking my inner child out for a walk!

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Happy Easter!

After such a hard winter in the U.S., we welcome Spring! The rebirth of trees and flowers blooming and songs of birds rejoicing the new beginnings for us all. I have always enjoyed Spring. You hear the angels and elementals so much clearly in the fresh outdoor. And you can especially feel Christ energy fill your heart with new excitement for life.

The living Christ lives for you! Keep the faith, no matter what. May you enjoy a peaceful and Happy Easter! Angel Blessings~

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Christmas Blessings!

May the Magic of the Season
Bless you & yours with much love
& happiness
May the birth of the Christ Child bring the Promise of
a new season of fruitful Endeavors
and bountiful rewards
May the angels be your reminder
that there is beauty in everything
and even in that which may
seem distant and distressed
will one day spring to life again.
May we enjoy the season of Love
through out each day of the year and
forever more.
Merry Christmas,

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Funky Angel Therapy!

Angel Therapy

I have really been in a funk lately and I asked the angels how to get out of this. The angels said to get happy. I said it was hard to get happy! Then right before my eyes, the angels turned a big box of toys over and emptied it. I immediately remembered that feeling as a little girl to see all the old toys of comfort. I smiled and thought about what they were trying to show me. As always the inner child needs to play. It was either the video games or the box of assorted crystals for me. The crystals won and I made some pretty amazing crystal grids with them. Break that funk up and follow some angel guidance by spilling over a big box of something you haven’t seen or done in awhile. This will help bring a smile to your face. :)

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From Your Angel, ‘I Love You!’

Your Angel Loves You!

Angels everywhere are loving the energy that is being sent out on Valentine’s Day! The energy is so light and sparkling. Findling little ways to spread the happiness does cause a big ripple in the pond.

I texted ‘I love you!’ to everyone on my cell phone to everyone I know. They will take that energy and send it out to others. A dozen of red roses couldn’t feel this exciting with this loving effect! Well…..there is chocolate out there too! :)

When you’re happy, the angels are very happy for you too. Did you tell your angel that you love them?

I love you for being you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This is the Year You Stop Saying….

Happy New Year!

This is the year you stop saying “This is the year”. What makes you do this when you already have what it takes to make a great year?

I bet that you are one of those people that would love to have that instruction sheet or better yet an astrology chart to follow each day to a T!

Wouldn’t that be great to just follow instructions to avoid any pitfalls? I definitely would want that on my GPS but not when I have the Angel Support Team on my side.

I know they will always nudge and guide me along when I ask. Now being human as we are, we do get moments or days that it just feels overwhelming. We go into our shell and hang the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign. Whether you just surrendered or you are overly tired.

This is where the beauty of life lessons come in.

Following a perfect life chart doesn’t allow you the experience of helping your best friend with their low moments in life crisis. It’s an awesome feeling when your angel guide embraces you tenderly as you tell your friend of what you endured and offer your suggestions for their personal crisis.

It’s a wonderful feeling to share your life adventure when everyday is truly an adventure if you allow your angel guide to help you. They will help make it a fun enlightening day where you will never have to say, “This is the year!”. Make each day better than the day before. The angels are waiting to play!” Happy New Year Everyone!

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Need Angel Guidance Now!

There will always be good days and only bad days if you let it be. The angels are always there to help guide you through the day with your decision making. You can make fast decisions without their help and find that you made a bad call. Therefore, this is going to be a lesson that you will need to learn from.

It seems that those lessons always come at a “bad” time when you have so much to do and can’t make time for that lesson and why is that? This makes it hard to believe that everything is in divine perfect order. It doesn’t feel so perfect when you have too much on your plate and you are talking to the angels about your mess!

I took in too much for me to handle lately and I had to pay. Multitasking isn’t a glamorous task to do and should be frown upon to complete any project. This is not only a headache, but this also affects your physical, mental, emotional and your spiritual health. Something has to suffer when you take in too much work.

It certainly took a toll on me when I tried to set up my new routine at work. I didn’t focus on the real work that needed to be done when I fussed over the “minor” details more than the real work. I found that I wasn’t happy until my home and family was happy. Clearly this is a “Mom” and “wife” thing but I wanted to be able to work without any interruptions from the “outside”.

I learned when you are on an overload, you can talk all you want with the angels and I can still feel the angels around me, you will not be able to hear your angel until you are centered. Your chakras will get dirty and blocked and your physical health will suffer to some degree. For me, I gained weight.

Too much chatter in your mind won’t help you focus. You have to ask your angel guide to help you turn the chatter off. My angel taught me in my mind to take a rose to my nose and breath in the fragrance as if you would with a real one. You will find yourself breathing in a long smooth sniff from the top of the rose to sense that fragrance. You will do it again because it was a wonderful sensation. Before you know it, in your mind, you will believe that you did smell that fragrance. It can happen! Then you start to thinking about the color of that rose and how many petals are opening up on the stem. And you know what? The chatter went away! I love this gift from the angel. Truly, a gift of a rose from your angel is a blessing to help you get centered.

This was the opportunity to really hear the angel’s guidance of mess that I found myself in. I was guided to self assurance and self forgiveness. Everyone is living their own “world” and I should be doing this too. It’s time to give of myself for my own responsibilities and at the end of the day, I can close my office door and enjoy my home and family. Yes of course, my inner child will have her time too.

Taking on more than you can truly handle is not healthy. Everyone will suffer if you don’t take care of yourself first. The angels can’t help you unless you ask. Ask for the Angel of Clarity to help get you started. After that, it takes discipline and love to keep you healthy and happy.

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Angel Guidance for a New Year!

Angel Guidance for a New Year

Would you believe me if I told you that your new year is going to be great? And why not?

Your lack of faith isn’t going to get you very far but if you let the angel guides help you, you are in for a nice surprise.

Whenever you ask the angels for help, they will guide you every step of the way. No, really! When you are sincere about a request and ask for the angel’s help, they are going to set you in motion to your goal. You may forget that you had asked for the angels help but the idea of your goal is still in your mind.

Your angel will start giving you signs and if you should not see them or ignore them, they are going to keep at it until you do something about it. If you feel like backing out of your request, don’t. They see the goodness in your request and they are there to help you make it happen. Don’t procrastinate. You will only make yourself miserable. You are letting ego come in to place a fear that is not necessary to bear.

Take that first step with the angels and see what they have to show you. You will be pleasantly surprised. Most likely there will be another step to achieve your goal. Just because you did the first step isn’t going to quiet the angels! :) They love you very much and the prayer that you bestowed upon them is very important to you and to the angels. They know this will make you very happy. Go for that next step if there is one. New opportunities are opened when you go for it.

You will kick yourself if you had stalled and this is where I can say, “what took you so long!”. Watch for the signs. If you think that you had missed the signs, the angels will keep putting messages in front of you until you say, “ah ha!”. They know the best way of delivering the signs in a way that you will know.

Always talk to your angels. They know what you are thinking, but you have to tell them to confirm of what you want.

Dream big for the new year. Visualize it, feel it, smell it and imagine that you are living it. Always affirm of your dream and watch it come forward! With the angels help, you are in for a great new year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Angel Wishes

angel guides

Angel Lights

It’s all about love. There is no time for serious business through the Holidays. The energy is so high, the lights are so colorful, the music is so lively that that angels are flying high! They love this time of year and I do too. Every year that I live this excitement, I know this is what we are supposed to do every day not just once a year.

Then we ask, “How do we do this?” Well, I see my angel put her hands in the air and say, “Say hello with a smile”. Is that all? A smile and say hello to everyone we know and see is going to bring this kind of excitement everyday of the year? Yes.

We would be thinking of all the excitement of shopping, receiving, giving, parties and love. We can do this all year with a smile and a hello? Well, we can decorate elaborately all we want any time of the year. It is the sparkle of our decorating that can influence our love and excitement. If we are not exchanging gifts and not having parties everyday, then how does keeping a smile and hello keep this excitement going?

As we take on our daily responsibilities and routine, it is so important to greet each person as the Divine light that we all are. When you see that person, you see yourself. We are all one as God. We are the perfect light of God. A smile and a hello keeps the light of Christmas going all year round. Play some music and keep some pretty lights, you and the angels will be flying high!

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Balance through Reiki Therapy Healing

Angelic Reiki Therapy

Life Balance

True health occurs when the mind, body and spirit exist in a balanced state of harmony. In order to find balance, we must look at every aspect of our lives.

Archangel Gabriel continues to wait patiently for me to change some office routine for better production. I am working more hours, which affects my exercise and play time and when I don”t physically work out, it’s stress eating. I keep seeing bigger numbers on the scale and my inner child says, “get rid of the scale and let’s go and play!”

I called upon Archangel Raphael to help restore my balance. He said, “A healthy diet, exercise, more water balanced with sleep, rest and play, all will promote the body staying strong and relaxed. This will help the mind to stay centered and the spirit to feel alive and free.”

Archangel Raphael showed me my sanctuary corner to help improve my meditation with more joy. Studies and creativities can help keep the mind centered and stimulated. This will help the body to experince more life and energy.

When our body feels more energy, we can connect to the Spirit and feel a part of the bigger picture. This gives our mind perspective and allows our bodies to feel stronger and centered.

This is balance that brings harmony to our life. Reiki therapy healing can help unblock any chakra to help bring healthy flow through our chakras.

I have been experiencing disharmony for some time now and I have concluded more meditation time for soul rejuvenation and Reiki time will help me promote better practice for the health of my body.

Of course I felt my inner child’s head rise up higher to make sure that I was making better efforts. Play time is very important to use and she will delight in our longer nature walks that we are about to take.



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