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It’s all about love. There is no time for serious business through the Holidays. The energy is so high, the lights are so colorful, the music is so lively that that angels are flying high! They love this time of year and I do too. Every year that I live this excitement, I know this is what we are supposed to do every day not just once a year.

Then we ask, “How do we do this?” Well, I see my angel put her hands in the air and say, “Say hello with a smile”. Is that all? A smile and say hello to everyone we know and see is going to bring this kind of excitement everyday of the year? Yes.

We would be thinking of all the excitement of shopping, receiving, giving, parties and love. We can do this all year with a smile and a hello? Well, we can decorate elaborately all we want any time of the year. It is the sparkle of our decorating that can influence our love and excitement. If we are not exchanging gifts and not having parties everyday, then how does keeping a smile and hello keep this excitement going?

As we take on our daily responsibilities and routine, it is so important to greet each person as the Divine light that we all are. When you see that person, you see yourself. We are all one as God. We are the perfect light of God. A smile and a hello keeps the light of Christmas going all year round. Play some music and keep some pretty lights, you and the angels will be flying high!

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