Need Angel Guidance Now!

There will always be good days and only bad days if you let it be. The angels are always there to help guide you through the day with your decision making. You can make fast decisions without their help and find that you made a bad call. Therefore, this is going to be a lesson that you will need to learn from.

It seems that those lessons always come at a “bad” time when you have so much to do and can’t make time for that lesson and why is that? This makes it hard to believe that everything is in divine perfect order. It doesn’t feel so perfect when you have too much on your plate and you are talking to the angels about your mess!

I took in too much for me to handle lately and I had to pay. Multitasking isn’t a glamorous task to do and should be frown upon to complete any project. This is not only a headache, but this also affects your physical, mental, emotional and your spiritual health. Something has to suffer when you take in too much work.

It certainly took a toll on me when I tried to set up my new routine at work. I didn’t focus on the real work that needed to be done when I fussed over the “minor” details more than the real work. I found that I wasn’t happy until my home and family was happy. Clearly this is a “Mom” and “wife” thing but I wanted to be able to work without any interruptions from the “outside”.

I learned when you are on an overload, you can talk all you want with the angels and I can still feel the angels around me, you will not be able to hear your angel until you are centered. Your chakras will get dirty and blocked and your physical health will suffer to some degree. For me, I gained weight.

Too much chatter in your mind won’t help you focus. You have to ask your angel guide to help you turn the chatter off. My angel taught me in my mind to take a rose to my nose and breath in the fragrance as if you would with a real one. You will find yourself breathing in a long smooth sniff from the top of the rose to sense that fragrance. You will do it again because it was a wonderful sensation. Before you know it, in your mind, you will believe that you did smell that fragrance. It can happen! Then you start to thinking about the color of that rose and how many petals are opening up on the stem. And you know what? The chatter went away! I love this gift from the angel. Truly, a gift of a rose from your angel is a blessing to help you get centered.

This was the opportunity to really hear the angel’s guidance of mess that I found myself in. I was guided to self assurance and self forgiveness. Everyone is living their own “world” and I should be doing this too. It’s time to give of myself for my own responsibilities and at the end of the day, I can close my office door and enjoy my home and family. Yes of course, my inner child will have her time too.

Taking on more than you can truly handle is not healthy. Everyone will suffer if you don’t take care of yourself first. The angels can’t help you unless you ask. Ask for the Angel of Clarity to help get you started. After that, it takes discipline and love to keep you healthy and happy.

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  1. quiet mind says:

    This must have been a great experience. Thanks for sharing the information.

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