From Your Angel, ‘I Love You!’

Your Angel Loves You!

Angels everywhere are loving the energy that is being sent out on Valentine’s Day! The energy is so light and sparkling. Findling little ways to spread the happiness does cause a big ripple in the pond.

I texted ‘I love you!’ to everyone on my cell phone to everyone I know. They will take that energy and send it out to others. A dozen of red roses couldn’t feel this exciting with this loving effect! Well…..there is chocolate out there too! :)

When you’re happy, the angels are very happy for you too. Did you tell your angel that you love them?

I love you for being you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 Responses to From Your Angel, ‘I Love You!’

  1. quiet mind says:

    Thanks for such a beautiful message. Its great to read the posts on your blog.

  2. Barbara Cromwell says:


    Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy writing blogs but I write them in my head as I am falling asleep! :) Somehow I need to reverse my schedule to get it here.

    I always have stories to tell about the angels. And I am sure they have stories to tell about me! We are busy doing spring cleaning and this would be a good post to do as well. Never a dull moment!

    Angel Blessings!

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