Funky Angel Therapy!

Angel Therapy

I have really been in a funk lately and I asked the angels how to get out of this. The angels said to get happy. I said it was hard to get happy! Then right before my eyes, the angels turned a big box of toys over and emptied it. I immediately remembered that feeling as a little girl to see all the old toys of comfort. I smiled and thought about what they were trying to show me. As always the inner child needs to play. It was either the video games or the box of assorted crystals for me. The crystals won and I made some pretty amazing crystal grids with them. Break that funk up and follow some angel guidance by spilling over a big box of something you haven’t seen or done in awhile. This will help bring a smile to your face. :)

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  1. quiet mind says:

    This is funny post. Thanks a lot for it.

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