My Box of Crayons

There was a point this week that I was still feeling the hurt and the disappointments that suddenly I was creating with my art pad and uploading them like crazy to my cafespress like a maniac! I found myself high on life with such excitement and walking around with a smile on my face!

It is very hard to work through painful hurts and you do feel lost as if there isn’t really a cure that will ever help pull you out of it. Well, as usual angels are always telling me and my loud mouth inner child as well that you can’t be happy unless you pick up a box of crayons. I know what happens when you pick up a box of crayon, you start coloring and start feeling happy. I couldn’t even get myself to open that box! I was denying myself some happiness!

I had to think real hard what the turning point that made this wonderful change was. It was something that led to the box of crayons. My inner child pulled my arm down and asked me, “what was so great about playing house when you were little?”. I loved playing house with anything available to create that sacred little space called home. I would imagine a blue colored sofa, pretty curtains, and colorful dishes on a table. I loved the outcome of my creativity. My inner child smiled and asked me to color her a pretty Flower of Life mandala.

Quickly I pulled out my art pad on the computer (my box of crayons!) and started right away to see the outcome. It brought a big smile to my face. I quickly uploaded it to my store and went right to work creating more sacred geometries to use as crystal grids or for personal use.

I am still dealing with my hurts and it doesn’t overwhelm me as much. I am grateful for my inner child that is so persistent with me and that I actually took the time to listen! My angels think we have a strange relationship but they are always laughing and so grateful when things turn out so well for us.

The angels are wonderful at comforting but it is always the inner child that is talking to you to make some sense! No what I mean??

Creative explorations create more big vibrational awesomeness from you as you truly already are. Find something pleasing for yourself to do and you’ll come back with more clarity. Like what a great walk would do for you! Yep, I am taking my inner child out for a walk!

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