Balance through Reiki Therapy Healing

Angelic Reiki Therapy

Life Balance

True health occurs when the mind, body and spirit exist in a balanced state of harmony. In order to find balance, we must look at every aspect of our lives.

Archangel Gabriel continues to wait patiently for me to change some office routine for better production. I am working more hours, which affects my exercise and play time and when I don”t physically work out, it’s stress eating. I keep seeing bigger numbers on the scale and my inner child says, “get rid of the scale and let’s go and play!”

I called upon Archangel Raphael to help restore my balance. He said, “A healthy diet, exercise, more water balanced with sleep, rest and play, all will promote the body staying strong and relaxed. This will help the mind to stay centered and the spirit to feel alive and free.”

Archangel Raphael showed me my sanctuary corner to help improve my meditation with more joy. Studies and creativities can help keep the mind centered and stimulated. This will help the body to experince more life and energy.

When our body feels more energy, we can connect to the Spirit and feel a part of the bigger picture. This gives our mind perspective and allows our bodies to feel stronger and centered.

This is balance that brings harmony to our life. Reiki therapy healing can help unblock any chakra to help bring healthy flow through our chakras.

I have been experiencing disharmony for some time now and I have concluded more meditation time for soul rejuvenation and Reiki time will help me promote better practice for the health of my body.

Of course I felt my inner child’s head rise up higher to make sure that I was making better efforts. Play time is very important to use and she will delight in our longer nature walks that we are about to take.



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2 Responses to Balance through Reiki Therapy Healing

  1. quiet mind says:

    Reiki Therapy indeed do wonders and help one get peace of mind and refresh completely. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for writing! I visited your website and you show a wonderful way of expressing healing art. I am a big worker on energy healing and crystal healing has been keeping me very busy as well as Reiki. Sharing white light energy is a beautiful thing to do as we are light beings of God/Universe love. As teachers and healers we can help show how powerful loving energy really heals. Angel Blessings to you! ♥

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