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Angels surround you on a daily basis they surround all of us whether we know of their presence or not. As they watch over us they provide much needed guidance and direction provided we're willing to listen. Should we pay careful attention they even provide words of encouragement.

Your angel guides may even speak with you. A conversation with your angel guide can provide guidance on a number of important matters and through an angelic reading – either in person or online – we will be able to help you communicate
with your guardian angels and spirit guides:

• Pressing issues of importance
• Coping with an overwhelming issue
• Struggling with difficult decisions
• Assurance of thoughts or feelings
• Feelings of loss at home or at work
• Counseling with sorrow or depression

A reading with your Angel Guides provides direction on any of these issues and more.

Work with Barbara A. Cromwell of Angels Made Simple to discover a solution or answer to a question, concern or worry. You'll see that while Angels are indeed majestic beings doing the work of God, they remain simple, and communicate in a way we can all understand. It's all a matter of listening – and an angelic reading will bring the guidance that so many of us need. Contact Barbara today at to find out more.

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