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What is an Angel Reiki Therapy?

Reiki is a technique that is used to transfer healing energy to a living being. The ability to heal another through Reiki comes from attunement. In the case of Angel Reiki therapy there is a natural attunement to Angels. The healing effects come from the light and loving energy provided by angel guides. Different practitioners of Angel Reiki Therapy rely on different angels. We work with Archangel Raphael – the healing angel– to provide clients with the benefits of Angel Reiki.

What Benefits come from Angel Reiki Therapy?

The benefits and ultimately the "relief" can come in various forms when working with angel therapy. These can include:

• Stress Reduction
• A Peaceful, Calmer attitude
• Removing Distress
• Clarity against Past Problems
• Promotion of Feelings of Peace and Security
• Easing of Physical and/or Emotional Ailments

To schedule
Long Distance Angel Reiki Therapy

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Angel Reiki Therapy


How Does Reiki Work?

The energy in our bodies is what keeps us alive and it flows through channels in our bodies called meridians, chakras and nadis as well as around us in our aura. When the flow of this energy becomes disrupted it can diminish the organ functions of the body on a physical level. Reiki heals and restores that flow in the affected areas – effectively working with the guidance and energy of the angel guardians to straighten and heal the energy pathways to restore the flow of natural life energy in the body.

How is Reiki Performed?

When we do a Reiki session, it can either be done in person or over a distance. Meditation helps improve the focus as well as prayers to draw the blessings of angels. If in person, we move through a variety of hand positions to help restore the flow of energy. If performed from a distance, the energies can be sent – sometimes with a message from an angel guide – to the individual in need of healing.

Restore Your Energy through the Healing Power of Angel Guides

You will be sent a confirmation of the time and day that Reiki distance will take place. It is best to be available when Reiki distance is sent. If you are not available to receive it then a quiet relaxing time slot will be helpful to receive the Reiki. A glass of water before and after the session is recommended.

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